Qatar – Passport Renewal for Indian Minors

Indian Passport Renewal for Children in Qatar is a quite a simple process if done correctly. We found good information available at

This post is complimentary to the above link as many of the information required was not available and left us confused.

Have more queries – Ask in Facebook Group When, Where and How in Doha – We got all our queries answered by folks in this group. Very useful!


Step 1: Fill the form online at Some tips to fill the form are available in the screenshots below. Notes are provided for sections that could be misunderstood.

Step 2: Take a print out of the form and fill the remaining sections on the printed form

Step 3: Visit embassy, get token and await your turn

Step 4: Submit documents and pay the fee (184 + 8 = 192 Qatari Riyals )

Step 5: Collect the receipt. The date for availability of passport is printed on the receipt. It is usually in one week time.

Step 6: Collect passport from the Embassy on the date provided.

Documents Required:

  1. Child’s Passport – Original + Copy
  2. Child Photo (2 copies – 2″ x 2″) – There are many places where you can take this. We took it in Carrefour – City Center.
  3. Both Parent’s Passport – Original + Copy
  4. Qatar ID of Child (Original + Copy)
  5. Parent’s Qatar ID (Original + Copy)

As per our experience the Parent’s Passport + Qatar ID originals were not verified.


  1. ICC does not accept passport application for minors. The applications needs to be submitted in the Embassy
  2. Embassy Timings for Passport Application – 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM (Sunday – Thursday).
  3. The embassy is air conditioned with enough waiting area.
  4. There is a copying facility available in the embassy but with long queues.
  5. Child is not expected to visit the embassy. It is a good practice to take the child along with you. In case you need to refill the form you need the child for the finger print.
  6. Either parent or both can visit the embassy for the application.
  7. Carry enough change for the fees, copying or using freelance services.
  8. We were worried about the long queues. However we went there at 9:00 AM and returned by 10:00 AM
  9. No signature/attestation required on the photocopies
  10. Stamp pad for fingerprint is available in the embassy. Sometime they are green in color not to worry, can still be used.
  11. There are always freelancers available around the embassy who can help fill the forms and get the necessary printouts for a low charge. We had to use them as despite all our efforts we made a lot of mistakes in filling the form.

Embassy Address:

Online Application:

Generate PDF

PDF Page 1

PDF Page 2

PDF Page 3

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